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1 - Human Populations

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    Module 1: Human Populations

    Core Lectures / Readings
    Students, you will need to take notes on these lectures. Mr. Higgins suggests that you read the book, and get an idea of the concepts. Then watch the lecture with the book open at the same time and take notes.
    Core Materials
    • Labs
    • Readings  & Activities
      • Our interactions with Nature Walk - 60 Minutes
        • Mr. Higgins walks students around campus discussing how Humans interact with the environment in our local system. Emergency (Fire Alarm, etc) location identified for students. Exploring the rain garden
      • Long Division Practice Problems
        • It is important that students be able to calculate problems 'long hand'. No calculators are allowed on the AP exam. No solutions are given. Solve 'long hand' and then check with a calculator. 
      • Population Math Practice
        • Assigned as homework to students. The keys will be revealed in the back of the room the 2 Days after being assigned. 
      • 7 Billion: How Did We Get So Big So Fast? (YouTube - NPR - 2:38) - 15 Minutes
        • Prompts:
          • What are your solution to this? How do we stop Population from Growing? What solutions do YOU have? 
      • Global population growth, box by box (Ted Talk - 10:04) - 15 Minutes
        • Prompts:
          • How do we raise the bottom 1/3rd of humanity?
          • What is changing that is slowing the rate of global population growth?
      • 1.31 - Activity Pyramid Power (Unknown - Timings Unknown)
      • 1.32 - Activity Population Issues in China / India - 45 Minutes
        • Discussion and then reflection on questions. 
    • Assessment
      • Reading FRQ's Print* (Timings Unknown)
      • Practice FRQ with explanation / guidance (Timings Unknown)
      • FRQ: Populations - 22.5 minutes (Timed)
        • FRQ's that 'could' be used (Requires AP Central Login)
      • Populations Multiple Choice Test - 22 minutes (Timed)
        • MC Questions should be prepared for using the Textbook Study Guides (Not the same questions!)
    Material being evaluated (DO NOT POST)