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5 - Biodiversity

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Core Lectures / Readings
Students, you will need to take notes on these lectures. Mr. Higgins suggests that you read the book, and get an idea of the concepts. Then watch the lecture with the book open at the same time and take notes.
Core Materials
    • Labs & Activities
    • Case Studies & Readings
      • 5.31 - Case Study / Reading Easter's End Discussion Write-up ( 35 Minutes )
        • Timing is for 'in-class' discussion time. Introduce to students ~10 Block days prior. 
    • Videos
    • Assessment
      • 5.98 - Assessment FRQ: Biodiversity (22.5 Minutes)
      • 5.99 - Assessment Biodiversity Multiple Choice Test (20 Questions 20 Minutes)
        • MC Questions should be prepared for using the Textbook Study Guides (Not the same questions!)
    Material being evaluated (DO NOT POST)
    • Cell Respiration* (Vernier - Timings Unknown)
    • Biodiversity in Ecosystems* (Vernier - Timings Unknown)
    • Black Fish Documentary