Unit 2: Living World

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Readings / Case Studies

Mr. Higgins is working on outlining his own presentations for the 2017/2018 school year


  • Lab 2-1 - Mark and Recapture Lab
  • Lab 2-2 - Geological Time Scale Lab
  • Lab 2-3 - Eco-bottle Biosphere Lab
  • Invasive Species Presentation
  • Investigating Environmental Science through Inquiry (Vernier Probe Labs)
    • Seasons and Angle of Insolation (Exp 1)
    • A Local Weather Study (Exp 2)
    • Investigating Dissolved Oxygen (Exp 3) - Cross-linked to Unit 7
    • Investigating Salinity (Exp 7) - Cross-linked to Unit 7
    • Biodiversity in Ecosystems (Exp 15)
    • Biochemical Oxygen Demand (Exp 16)
    • Needs tied into the Eco-bottle Survey Lab
      • Water Cycle Column Investigations (Exp 17)
      • Decomposition Column Investigations (Exp 18)
      • Ecocolumn Investigations (Exp 19)

Activities / Documentaries

Assessment Prep

Multiple Choice assessments are not listed, as they are copyright sensitive (from the textbook).

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Human Silhouttes by geralt via PixaBay CC0 - https://goo.gl/O9iQz5

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