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All commercial inquiries will be ignored. I am not interested. 

Why is everything you publish under a Creative Commons 4.0 International By Noncommercial (CC BY-NC 4.0) license? 
  • I want classroom educators to be able to use my materials knowing that I have vetted them to be reusable in the classroom, with republication. 
  • Please pay attention to links to other sources! These are NOT reusable except by direct link. If there is not a link, see the description.
Can I republish your materials?
  • Only if they are not edited. And you may not post them for monetary gain anywhere. 
Why are there two different citations on works you have published here? (MPS vs SciHigg)
  • Some resources are created while I am on district equipment at Millard West High School. I have permission to release these resources under a CC4 license with MPS as the originator. 
    • These resources must retain the citation back to MPS. 
  • Other resources are developed by myself, Justin Higgins (SciHigg), are developed on my own equipment at home. 
    • These resources must retain their citation back to myself, SciHigg
    • Please respect the amount of my 'free-time' time I put into these resources.