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All commercial inquiries will be ignored. I am not interested. 

Why is everything you publish under a Creative Commons 4.0 International By Noncommercial (CC BY-NC 4.0) license? 
  • I want classroom educators to be able to use my materials knowing that I have vetted them to be reusable in the classroom, with republication. 
  • Please pay attention to links to other sources! These are NOT reusable except by direct link.

How do I get access to your Google Drive files for @West produced materials?
  • Send me an email from your school issued email account, and a link confirming that you teach somewhere in a Public School
    • I will give you the 'view' access link 
    • Make sure to add this to your Google Drive!
  • How can I reuse these materials?
    • Any reuse of materials developed @West must be credited back to Millard Public Schools
    • If you use them unedited, or linked, that is covered from the citations a the bottom of all documents
How do I get access to your Google Drive files for SciHigg produced materials?
  • Purchase access on my Teachers Pay Teachers page. And then bask in the knowledge that you are helping buy more equipment to design better labs, videos, etc. This gains you access to individual folders. Go to my TPT page here
    • OR
  • Support me on Patreon, and help me reach my creative goals. Go to my Patreon page here. 
  • How can I reuse these materials?
    • What you CAN DO with materials published by Justin Higgins (SciHigg);
      • You may directly link to materials published on this website, or to anything published on my Google Drive. 
      • You may reuse any materials published on this website as long as they are unedited.
    • What you CANNOT DO with these materials:
      • Republish materials from this website for monetary (making money) purposes.
      • This includes republishing my YouTube videos to any other platform.