Astronomy @ West

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The basis for this course is the Nebraska State Standards & Millard Public Schools Standards (sorry, no link available, these are proprietary to my district).

All materials that are created by Justin Higgins (SciHigg) for this course are available via a Creative Commons 4.0 International By Noncommercial (CC BY-NC 4.0) license with reference to Millard Public Schools. I developed this curriculum while employed at Millard West High School, and while working within the Professional Learning Community (PLC) at Millard West. 

All other materials are linked or credited to their original owners, and are only available under a Fair Use (education) license. You will have to own the materials at your own school to be able to use them. 

All links are to Justin Higgins Millard Public Schools Google Drive account. For full access, please see the FAQ Page, and be aware that there is some cross-linkage with my NGSS materials that I produce privately (usually fancy artsy PowerPoint slides that take hours to make), and are used when they are deemed fitting into MPS curriculum. 

PLC members involved in the development of this course (contact information on the About Page): Justin Higgins, Thomas Janes

A One (1) semester course. 

These links will open a Google Doc. 
  • Student / Parent Overview of Astronomy
  • Unit 0 - Course Information / Introduction
  • Unit 1 - History of Astronomy
  • Unit 2 - Measuring the Universe
  • Unit 3 - Earth in Space
  • Unit 4 - Our Star, the Sun
  • Unit 5 - Our Satellite, the Moon
  • Unit 6 - Solar Systems
  • Unit 7 - Stellar Evolution
  • Unit 8 - Galaxies & Universe