1.5 - Modern Astronomy

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Unit 1: History of Astronomy

1.5 - Modern Astronomy

Key Ideas / Concepts
  • Motions of the Planets - Math to support the observed motions of the planets (Kepler's Laws)
    • 1st Law - all planets orbit in an ellipse (oval shaped)
    • 2nd Law - Objects move faster as they move towards what they orbit
    • 3rd Law - Formula showed the relationship between distance from the Sun and how long a Planet's orbit is
  • Gravity - Explains the motions of the planets through math (Newton)
  • Parallax - Accurate measurements shows that the Stars are very far away
  • Fusion & Gravity Wells - Releasing energy and the structure of space (Einstein)
  • Galaxies & Expanding Universe - Our Galaxy is not alone & the Universe is accelerating away from us (Hubble)

Summary Tasks
  1. Write about the changes that have happened in Astronomy within your own lifetime. 
    • OR
  2. Write a poem (or multiple haikus) that shows your understanding of the importance of Parallax in proving the Heliocentric Model is the best model.

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