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5 - Galaxies & Universe

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This course was designed by Justin Higgins for use at Millard West High School. Some of the material that is listed here cannot be made public to the internet. 

If you are a educator in my district, email Mr. Higgins at for access to these files. - Higgins


Module 5: Galaxies & Universe
Module 5: Universe & Galaxies

  • Student will be able to categorize galaxies

  • Student will be able to recognize and identify the parts of our Galaxy and how we make inferences about our Galaxies shape based on other galaxies

  • Student will be able to identify and describe the supporting evidence for the Big Bang Theory

  • Student Outline Rubric for Module 5: Universe & Galaxies
  • Pre Assessment Probes / Reflection - 20 minutes
    • Where is Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy?
    • How large is the Universe?
Lecture Videos

5.1 - Supplemental - The Milky Way Part 1 - 30 minutes
  • Concepts: 
    • Galaxy, Structure, Gas Density, Nebula
5.2 - Supplemental - The Milky Way Part 2 - 30 minutes
  • Concepts: 
    • Globular Clusters, Spiral Arm Theories (Density Wave Theory, Self-propogating Star Formation), Center of all Galaxies
5.3 - Supplemental - Universe Overview - 30 minutes
  • Concepts: 
    • Cosmic Expansion, Dark Energy & Dark Matter
5A - Red Shift and the Hubble Constant - 15 minutes
5A - Red Shift and the Hubble Constant

15 Minutes
5A Quiz - 15 Minutes
5A Quiz Key
5A Video Link - Use this if the video doesn't load

Concept Focus
    • Edwin Hubble
    • Red-shift
    • Blue-shift
    Review & Summarize
    1. Describe what happens to light as you travel towards the object producing light.
    2. Describe what happens to light as you travel away from the object producing light.
    • Looking...
    5B - The Big Bang - 15 minutes
    5B - The Big Bang

    Concept Focus
      • Big Bang
      • Age of the Universe (support from Big Bang, make sure to reference a Shift in Color)
      Review & Summarize
      1. What do we observe that gives evidence for a Big Bang?
      2. Give a hypothesis for the end of the Universe
      Labs & Activities
      • Universe Kahoot! - 35 minutes
        • Multiple Choice Test Review*
          • Students are REQUIRED to be logged into the MPS domain to take this review
      • No formative test for the Universe. 
      Nebraska State Standards
      • Earth and Space Science
        • SC12.4.1.a Describe the formation of the universe using the Big Bang Theory

      Material being evaluated (DO NOT POST TO STUDENT SITE)
      • StarryNight Simulations The simulation software stopped working as we migrated to Google. Removed from main course. These may be returned to the course if they ever work again.
        • StarryNight Simulation H2: The Universe (20-25 minutes)
        • StarryNight Simulation H3: The Origin and Evolution of the Universe (15-20 minutes)
        • StarryNight Simulation H1: The Milky Way Galaxy (15-20 minutes)
        • StarryNight Simulation I3: Tools of the Astronomer
      • Cosmic Calendar
      • A Balloooning Universe
      • Expanding Universe
      • The Universe Season 6 Disc 3 - Our Place in the Milky Way (45 minutes)