2 - Earth Moon and Sun for Educators / Teachers

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    Nebraska state standards assessed in this Module:

    • Inquiry, the Nature of Science, and Technology
      • SC12.1.1.e Use tools and technology to make detailed qualitative and quantitative observations
      • SC12.1.1.g Analyze and interpret data, synthesize ideas, formulate and evaluatemodels, and clarify concepts and explanations
      • SC12.1.1.i Propose and/orevaluate possible revisions and alternate explanations
      • SC12.1.1.k Evaluate scientific investigations and offer revisions and new ideas as appropriate
      • SC12.1.2.a Recognize that scientific explanations must be open to questions, possible modifications, and must be based upon historical and current scientific knowledge
      • SC12.1.2.b Describe how society influences the work of scientists and how science, technology, and current scientific discoveries influence and change society
      • SC12.1.2.c Recognize that the work of science results in incremental advances, almost always building on prior knowledge, in our understanding of the world
      • SC12.1.2.d Research and describe the difficulties experienced by scientific innovators who had to overcome commonly held beliefs of their times to reach conclusions that we now take for granted
    • Earth and Space Science
      • SC12.4.1.b Recognize that stars, like the Sun, transform matter into energy by nuclear reactions which leads to the formation of other elements
      • SC12.4.3.b Identify internal and external sources of heat energy in Earth's systems