About Me, Justin Higgins (SciHigg)

'Creating Creative Commons 4.0 International science education materials to enhance engagement and learning for all students'

I have taught for 11 years and have taught in a High School classroom: Astronomy, Chemistry, Physical Science (Basic Physics & Chemistry), Earth Science and AP Environmental Science. I enjoy sitting with my students and guiding them through complex concepts using lots of visuals, analogies, and examples. If the student has the will to learn, there is always some way to explain a topic so that they can internalize, remember and apply it. I read new research constantly and connect it when appropriate to the topics my students are learning.

I have been a presenter at NETA (Nebraska Educational Technology Association), NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) and NATS (Nebraska Academy of Science). My presentations have focused on effective classroom methods that use technology (primarily recorded lectures) to educate students while personally guiding them through misconceptions using a Concept Focused methodology.

  • AP Environmental Science College Board Reader 2018 - 2019

I release everything I create under a Creative Commons 4.0 International License. If you reuse my material, please provide a link back to this website or to my YouTube Channel. See the FAQ Page for details.

Collaborators and Contributors

  • Aaron Willems (Physical Science Physics)
  • Jeremy Dawson (Physical Science Physics)
  • Thomas Janes (Physical Science Physics)
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