Performance Expectation(s)

  • Student will be able to explain how to take notes for learning conceptual vocabulary rather than rote memorization

Unit Prints

Student Outline

Class Openers and Hooks


One Documentary is included in each Units Lesson Plan. They should take ~50 Minutes, unless otherwise indicated.

misc Concept Focused.mp4

0A - Cornell Note Taking and Learning Concepts rather than Vocabulary

  • Students may use another note taking method as long as it involves diagramming and explanation. Notes must be done by hand, notes done by hand require higher order thinking. Listing definitions will not get credit per the rubrics.

Labs, Activities & Project Instructions


Short (usually teacher led) requiring pre- and post- reflection.
  • A0-1 - What is Astronomy? Collaborative Poster
    • Time: 70 Minutes
    • Student Digital Instructions (PDF)
    • Part 1: Student Individual Drafting (15 Minutes)
    • Part 2: Student Group Consensus (15 Minutes)
    • Part 3: Student Finalizing & Coloring (30 Minutes)
    • Part 4: Student Presentation (10 Minutes)

Misc & Other

Videos and other materials that are used in the lesson plans for this course. Students may have seen these in class.