Notes: 0A - Cornell Note Taking and Learning Concepts rather than Vocabulary

Watch on: YouTube (with closed captioning) - Google Drive (for students with no YouTube access)

This video overviews the 2-column note-taking strategy that this Astronomy course is designed around.

Students may use another note taking method as long as it involves diagramming and explanation. Notes must be done by hand, notes done by hand require higher order thinking.

Listing definitions will not get credit per the rubrics.

misc Concept Focused.mp4

Support Files

Reuse of the support files must follow the guidelines listed on the FAQ Page.

For instructors, not for students. No answer keys are given in these files.

  • Pre-Filled Cornell Notes Page (Pending Fall 2019)
  • Video Guided Notes Print (Pending Fall 2019)
  • PowerPoint File
  • Attributions List (Pending Fall 2019)
  • Example Calendar - Block Schedule (Google Doc)