Performance Expectation(s)

  • Student will be able to classify the different types of Stars and their properties

Unit Prints

Student Outline

Fun and Informative Videos from the Internet (Class Openers and Hooks)

7B Classifying Stars

  • Watch on: YouTube - Google Drive
  • Concepts
    • Spectral Classification - Comparing stars to the Sun
    • HR Diagrams - A pattern in the sky
    • Main Sequence - The lives of stars
    • Basic Classification - Sun-Like & Massive Stars and 'Exotic Stars'
  • Summary Questions / Tasks
    • Draw a version of an HR Diagram from the internet
      1. Label the following
        • Where the Sun is
        • Where all the Main Sequence Stars are
        • White Dwarf Stars
        • Red Giants
        • Blue Giants
        • Why are Brown Dwarfs not on these charts?

7C Sun-Like Mid-Sized Stars

  • Watch on: YouTube - Google Drive
  • Concepts
    • Mid-Sized Stars - Stars like our Sun
    • Changing Fusion - Aging Mid-Sized Stars
    • Planetary Nebula - A return to space...
    • White Dwarf Stars - An 'immortal' Star of Entropy
  • Summary Questions / Tasks
    • Draw a flowchart of how a Sun-Like star goes through its evolution with draft pictures and explanations:
      1. White Dwarf, 100 Million years, CNO Cycle, Red Giant Stage, Increasing Helium Fusion, Planetary Nebula, ~10 Billion years

Do not spend to long on the pictures! You will have time later to make nice ones.

Activities, Labs & Project Instructions


Short (usually teacher led) requiring pre- and post- reflection.
  • White Dwarfs & Black Dwarfs (In a Nutshell, YouTube, 6:28)
  • TED Talk - Let's not use mars as a backup planet - Prompts
  • TED Talk - The most mysterious star in the universe - Prompts
  • Wired - How NASA Visualizes Stunning Worlds Without Ever Seeing Them - Prompts


Explorations requiring a Hypothesis and use of the Scientific Method.


Emphasizing design, analysis and Engineering.
  • 7P1 - Flowchart of the Stars