Performance Expectation

  • Student will be able to reason the formation of Galaxies & their parts
  • Student will be able to connect what we know about light and the origin of the Big Bang Theory
  • Student will be able to evaluate their place in the cosmos

Unit Prints

Student Outline

  • Pre-Phenomena Student Print (Pending fall 2019)
  • Notes: 8A - Big Bang and Formation of the Universe
  • Notes: 8B - Galaxies and their Parts
  • Notes: 8C - Structure of the Universe
  • Notes: 8D - End of the Universe
  • Post-Phenomena Student Print (Pending fall 2019)

Fun and Informative Videos from the Internet (Class Openers and Hooks)

Recordings for learning Concepts

8A - Big Bang and Formation of the Universe

  • Watch on: YouTube - Google Drive
  • Concepts
    • Doppler Effect/Shift - The frequency of light stretches or compresses
    • Hubble Constant - The Universe's expansion is accelerating
    • Big Bang Theory - The Universe must have come from a single point
    • Dark Energy (Hypothesis) - Energy that is causing acceleration
  • Summary Task(s)
    • Draw a cartoon/comic showing how the Doppler Effect/Shift works

Activities, Labs & Project Instructions


Short (usually teacher led) requiring pre- and post- reflection.

String Theory Explained – What is The True Nature of Reality? (In a Nutshell, YouTube, 8:00)


Explorations requiring a Hypothesis and use of the Scientific Method.

8-A2 Big Bang Activity (Monroe Career & Technical Institute)


Emphasizing design, analysis and Engineering.