Notes: 1B - Early Measurements of the Sky

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  • Monuments - Stone buildings tracking motions of the Sun
  • Written Records - Recording knowledge for future generations
  • Calendars - Tracking events in order to tell the future
  • Astrology (NOT science) - Attaching emotional meaning to the sky through Horoscopes (Pseudoscience)
  • Basic Navigation - Using the Sun & Polestars to tell cardinal directions

Summary Question(s) / Task(s):

  1. Describe the main use of Monuments by ancient cultures (related to Astronomy). (Must name the object that is tracked, why that why the object is tracked)
  2. Draw, Label and Explain a Diagram one way that you can use the sky to tell a cardinal direction (North, South, East or West). (Must identify one of the cardinal directions, and how that direction can be determined using objects in the sky)

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Watch on YouTube OR watch/download on Google Drive

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