Notes: 1C - Early Models and Philosophies of the Sky

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Diagramming Concepts & Explaining

  • Geocentric Model - Model that the Earth is the center of the Universe (Aristotle & followers wrong assumptions)
  • Epicycles - Loops needed to make the math of the Geocentric Model work (Ptolemy makes things too complex to be science)
  • Heliocentric Model - Geometry implies that the Sun is at the center of everything (Eratosthenes & Aristarchus correctly use science)
  • Eastern Preservation - Expanded observations & records of the sky (Islamic, Chinese & Indian empire contributions)

Summary Question(s) / Task(s)

  1. How and why did Ptolemy ‘fix’ the perfect (but wrong) circular Geocentric Model the Greeks favored? (Must state a specific thing that was changed, and how it ‘fixed’ the Geocentric model)
  2. Describe why the Heliocentric Model that Aristarchus proposed is a much better model of the sky. (Must describe how the model changed (simpler, more complex, etc))

Post-Reflection Monologue (For absent or remote learning students)

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