Notes: 1D - Renaissance and the Development of Science

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  • Astronomy (as a science) - Using the scientific method to explain the sky
  • Heliocentric Model Improves - Copernicus uses logic to support the Sun at the center of the Universe (but the stars pose an issue...)
  • First Telescopes - Better optics (glass) gives a clearer picture of far away objects
  • Jupiter's Moons - Galileo observes Jupiter's Moons (how can everything go around the Earth?)

Summary Question / Task:

  1. What was the observation that Galileo made that supported the Heliocentric Model? Why was it important? (Must state the specific object observed, why it was important, and how did it support the Heliocentric model)

Post-Reflection Monologue (only used during the emergency situation of Spring 2020)

Watch on YouTube OR watch/download on Google Drive

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