Notes: 1E - The Modern Science of Astronomy

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  • Motions of the Planets - Math to support the observed motions of the planets (Kepler's Laws)
    1. Students should NOT diagram all 3 laws yet, this will happen later in Unit 2
  • Gravity - Explains the motions of the planets through math (Newton)
  • Parallax - Proof Accurate measurements shows that the Stars are very far away
  • Fusion & Gravity Wells - Releasing energy and the structure of space (Einstein)
  • Galaxies & Expanding Universe - Our Galaxy is not alone & the Universe is accelerating away from us (Hubble)

Summary Question(s) / Task(s):

  1. Describe why Astronomy is Science, but Astrology is not. (Must state the primary difference between Astronomy and Astrology)

Post-Reflection Monologue (only used during the emergency situation of Spring 2020)

Watch on YouTube OR watch/download on Google Drive

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