Notes: 7A - Star Formation

Watch on: YouTube (with closed captioning) - Google Drive (for students with no YouTube access)


  • Nebula - The stellar nurseries of stars
  • Hydrostatic Equilibrium - How stars stay stable
  • Nucleosynthesis - The limits of fusion
  • Supernova - Recycling matter & creating heavy elements

Summary Question(s) / Task(s)

  • Draw a flowchart of how all stars from using the following words with draft pictures and explanations:
    1. Main Sequence, Collapse (due to gravity), Star, Hydrogen Fusion, Prot-star, Interstellar Nebula

Support Files

  • Pre-Filled Cornell Notes Page (Pending Fall 2019)
  • Video Guided Notes Print (Pending Fall 2019)
  • Attributions List (Pending Fall 2019)