Notes: 7D - Massive Stars

Watch on: YouTube (with closed captioning) - Google Drive (for students with no YouTube access)


  • Massive Stars - Stars much larger than our Sun
  • Supernova - The Core collapses
  • Neutron Stars - The most dense thing
  • Black Holes - How and why they form
  • Interstellar Nebula - A recycling Universe

Summary Question(s) / Task(s)

  • Draw a flow-chart of how a Massive star goes goes through its evolution with draft pictures and explanations:
    1. Neutron Star, Supernova, 100,000 years to 100 Million Years (depending mass), Interstellar Nebula, Black Hole, Iron (Fe) Fusion, Blue Giant / Super Giant

Do not spend to long on the pictures! You will have time later to make nice ones.