The outlines, and content, for these pages are based on the AP Environmental Science Course and Exam Description (Effective Fall 2019) from the College Board*

Only materials that I, Justin Higgins 'SciHigg', have developed privately, on my own equipment and time, are listed here.


Video Guided Notes - I use these to drive discussion in class rather than 'lecture' in the traditional sense. For access to keys, please see the FAQ Page.

AP Environmental Science - Unit 4: Earth Systems and Resources

Formerly a part of the Section 1 - Earth Systems and Resources from the previous AP Enviromental Guide.

Bozeman Science Guided Notes


Activities require no materials to complete other than paper, writing utensils, the internet, and a calculator.


Labs require materials (or have a setup component) to complete.

Case-studies & Articles

With a worksheet, or quiz component assigned after the reading.

Videos & Documentaries

With a worksheet, or quiz component assigned after the reading.

Test Prep

All materials listed below belongs to the College Board and AP Central, and is linked to their website. FRQ's that 'could' be used for assessment.

Students should read these, NOT try and memorize them. The goal in class is to train students to attempt the FRQ answers in a way to attain the maximum credit possible. Mr. Higgins provides a FRQ Tips and Tricks print (author unknown), and assesses his students using a 9-Point Formative Rubric that requires students to use the released Scoring Guidelines.

*Indicates a math manipulation question.

Fun and Informative Videos from the Internet (Class Openers and Hooks)