Only materials that I, Justin Higgins 'SciHigg', have developed privately, on my own equipment and time, are listed here.

Textbook Use / Selection

I own, or have been gifted, 11 different AP Environmental Science textbooks. I make all of them available to my students on a bookshelf at my school in addition to the textbook that was selected for my district that they check out. Each has its benefits and detractors. The College Board requires a textbook, but I would suggest using them in the following way;

  • Give all of the chapter tests from the book, but make them open notes (must be hand written). This will drive students to take better notes, put the onus of learning the core material squarely in their lap. This will also give you much more time to focus on labs / activities that tie all the material together. I will also have students that score poorly on tests come in and show me their notes, and guide them on how to take appropriate notes in the future.
  • Create vocabulary quizzes for each chapter. Knowing the terminology on the AP exam is the difference between getting a score colleges will recognize, and not. I can see a direct correlation between students that do well on these quizzes and their AP score.