Notes 1C - Variables and Constants in Science

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When the video first starts the title screen is an error. The video is correct.


  • Variables: Something that can be changed or altered in an experiment, These are shown by a letter or symbol that represents something else.
  • Constants: Can be changed but is kept the same throughout an experiment. These are often a number but can be shown by a symbol but do not change. (Pi is an example of a constant.)

Summary Question(s) / Task(s)

Use complete sentences unless otherwise directed.

  • What is the main difference between a variable and a constant?
  • What does it mean to treat a letter as a constant?
  • This video discusses Einstein's equation for Energy.
    • Describe each of the parts of the equation. Which parts are variables, which are constant? How do you know?
    • Illustrate (or Explain) where you can find another symbol or letter acting as a constant.

Post-Reflection Monologue (only used during the emergency situation of Spring 2020)

Watch on YouTube OR watch/download on Google Drive

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