Notes 2C - Acceleration in its simplest terms

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Diagramming Concepts & Explaining / Analyzing

  • Acceleration: A measurement of how speed or velocity changes over time. This is an increase in speed or velocity over time. (Speeding up)
  • Deceleration: Speed or velocity decreasing over time. (Coming to a stop)
  • Acceleration caused by change of direction: changing direction causes a change in velocity which in turn changes acceleration

Summary Question(s) / Task(s)

  • Acceleration is related to speed in a very important way. Explain that relationship.
  • Imagine that you are driving in a car. Draw a picture for each of the three ways that you can "accelerate" and explain how they demonstrate the different ways to accelerate, while driving a car.
  • What is value for the acceleration due to gravity? What does that mean for all objects that fall down on Earth?

Post-Reflection Monologue (For absent or remote learning students)

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